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This stream first aired during E3 on the Square Enix Presents channel and was hosted by Toby Palm (Life is Strange Community Manager) and Chris Floyd (Game Co-Director).


02:10 - Introduction to Life is Strange: Before the Storm. 03:27 - Gameplay and commentary start 06:05 - When exactly does Before the Storm take place? 06:50 - BEANS 08:45 - Graffiti 09:09 - Achievements and Platinum Trophy 13:40 - Why did we choose Chloe and not Rachel as the protagonist? 15:20 - GRILLDAD 24:30 - Q&A Start 25:20 - How much time elapses over an episode? 25:40 - Is there a Limited Edition planned? 26:11 - Are there plans for Linux/Mac/Switch ports? 26:38 - What characters are returning? 28:27 - Will there be a fullsize artbook or more merchandise? 29:13 - Background on the voice actor situation. 33:55 - More information on the Bonus Episode "Farewell" 35:25 - Chloe's Letters to Max and Max's presence in Before the Storm 37:45 - A bit more about Deck Nine Games 40:25 - Will there be a bottle collecting puzzle? 41:05 - What languages will the game be subtitled in? 41:28 - More about the lack of power in Before the Storm 42:54 - Who will be voicing Max in the Farewell episode?

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