Before the Storm

«Моменты спокойствия» - элемент игрового процесса в Life is Strange: Before the Storm, оригинал которого появился в Life is Strange. Моменты Спокойствия - это особые моменты в игре, когда главный герой может сидеть или опираться на объект и размышлять над их текущей ситуацией. Расслабляющая музыка обычно воспроизводится в фоновом режиме. Они обычно предоставляют дополнительную информацию или внутренние мысли главного героя и дают игроку возможность отдохнуть. Особенностью «Before the Storm Deluxe Edition» является режим Mixtape Mode, который позволяет игроку выбирать песни из саундтреков к игре во время Моментов спокойствия в комнате Хлои.

Эпизод 1: "Пробуждение" Править

Image Chloe's Comments
Костёр снаружи лесопилки.
Мать на такое говно изойдеться, если узнает, я целый час шла по лесу ради какого-то шоу. Это место похоже на ад. Старое заброшенное здание в центре пустоты, в милях от дома? Дом... Теперь я помню, почему я здесь. Любое место лучше, чем дома.
На втором этаже лесопилки.
(Хлоя молча слушает как Firewalk играет Are You Ready For Me).
Пробуждение в комнате Хлои
(Хлоя по радио слушает песню No Below).
На ящике на сцене в кампусе академии.
I should probably be getting to class, but... I just don't care. Did last night really happen? The internet says it did, but I still can't believe it. Rachel Amber -- the drama star, honor student, popular princess of Blackwell -- swoops in like Batman to save my ass and thrash to Firewalk? Either that was a dream, or real life just got a shitton crazier.
Smoking cigarettes/weed on a campus corner.
Students at Blackwell have this herd instinct to glom up into little groups like sheep. And if you just want to be alone, you get labelled like some dangerous outsider. Just like any other prison. Except now the prison follows you wherever you go, thanks to social media. I can't believe Rachel posted a photo of the two of us together last night. Am I still an outsider if I'm hanging out with Rachel Amber now? And what does it mean that hanging out was so awesome? Does that make me just the same as every other student here?
Music on the train.
None (Chloe listens to Through The Cellar Door).
Bench at Overlook Park.
Just a day in the park. With Rachel Amber. You know when something kind of amazing is happening, you don't always stop to think about it right away? And then when you do think about it you start thinking about it a lot? And the more you think about it the crazier it seems until pretty soon you're psyching yourself out and then everything turns to shit? Yeah, let's not do that today.

Эпизод 2: "О дивный новый мир" Править

Image Chloe's Comments
On top of the boat in the junkyard.
I can't believe Rachel set that fire. I don't think she meant to. But I also don't think she... didn't mean to. Crazy that something so destructive can also be so beautiful. Or a fire that began in a trash can could grow to light up the entire sky. In conclusion, fire: pretty sweet.
Sitting on a park bench at the Prescott Dormitory.
It doesn't feel different. I don't belong here anymore. It's not my school. I don't have a school. But nothing feels different. Everything still feels shitty. And here I am, about to break into the freaking dorms so I can steal money that Drew owes my drug dealer. This is gonna go great.
Sitting on the crate during the Tempest.
Hey, I sat here yesterday! Yeah, I'm tired. Tired of this play bullshit. I need a breather. I wonder where Wells is sitting. Hey, Wells, I'm walking on the stage. I bet I could sit here for half an hour and he'd still be too afraid to do anything. Keaton's not doing anything either. I wonder how many people are waiting for someone else to do something? Man, this crate is awesome.
Sitting on a chair in the Amber House.
So this is what normal looks like. It's somehow way more boring and way weirder than I imagined. It's crazy to picture Rachel growing up here. And being happy here. At least, before she met me. And now I'm taking her away. Or is she taking me away? This doesn't really seem like the kind of place people run away from... What am I saying? Fuck this place.

Эпизод 3: "Ад пуст" Править

Image Chloe's Comments
Lying on the bed with Rachel in Rachel's room.
None (Rachel and Chloe stare at the stars on the roof while "I don't" plays on the background).
Stairs on the first floor of Chloe's house.
None (Chloe listens to Joyce and David dancing at the kitchen to the sound of jazz on the radio).
Sitting on the ship in the hospital.
Being in a hospital this long sucks. I bet when I see Rachel and see that she's okay, I'll feel better. I owe Frank big time. Can't believe he did that for us. I hope he's okay. Not like I can do anything about it one way or the other. And what about Damon? Is-- Is he gonna come after us? I actually feel better knowing that James Amber is on his case. Ugh, that's weird.